Scrollmate 2 with video background

Can anyone help me as far as buliding a page with Scrollmate 2 so there’s the video background? Much like you see on the demo page, towards the bottom with the handwriting?

The video near the bottom of the page is just a Sections Pro with a video child set to attach to page body. The two places that you can see the video (at the top and near the bottom) are just sections that have no background colour assigned. The rest of the content has a white background so you don’t see the video.

CleanShot 2022-06-05 at 21.16.39@2x

Here is a simple project file showing how it’s done although there are a thousand other ways and stacks that you could do the same thing with. I’ve just put a bit of padding on the button to give the transparent area some height but you could do this with proportional padding on the section or an aspect ratio as desired.

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Interesting. Thanks Tav. I’ll tinker with that bit.