SEO Sitemap +

I have a site that I manage from two different Macs. One running on Intel and one on Apple M2.

I use Sitemap + by Yourhead and it is great. However… It doses not run on M2.

The Sitemap + plugin ads some things to RW Meta pane (see attached image)
If I ad this “by hand” without the Sitemap + plugin. Will it do the same thing?
I really like to leave the Intel mac.

I looked at SEO helper from weaverspace but I don´t have time for the learning curve right now.

Should this run with enabled Rosetta 2 ?

Guess it is a question for @isaiah but don´t want to bother him since he is busy with something else:)

It’s more a question if you have Rosetta installed.

Yes. You need to run RW in Rosetta to use Sitemap plug-in.

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I Will try to run RW with Rosetta

Sitemap does run under Rosetta, but it doesn’t run well in my experience - I’ve phased it out for that reason, and replaced it with Joe’s SEO Helper. This is great not just for sitemaps, but for other SEO related stuff as well.

There’ve been a few people on other forums complaining about YourHead’s Sitemap under Apple Sillicon too.


Given how old Sitemap+ is, I guess it’s not surprising. I had all of LogHound’s plugins way back when, and Sitemap was outstanding.

When John stepped away, Loghound plugins languished for a while, until Isaiah picked them up and updated to keep them alive. I thought that was outstanding goodwill on Isaiah’s part, especially since plugins were gradually giving way to stacks with similar functionality.

It may not be inexpensive to move to a more current solution, but it may soon be inevitable. :)