Set up Limelight Content launch

Is it possible to set a “Limelight Content - Open on page load - Until Dismis” to be displayed after a preset number of seconds or after a page scroll of a certain number of pixels?

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Or an option to launch Limelight before the user leaves the page?
(in this case do you know if there is already a stack that does this, that is, that opens a window with other stacks inside when the user tries to leave the page?)
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Maybe the “Call To Action” stack by WeaversSpace can do this (with the action “Exit to URL Bar” added):

Thanks for the suggestion, I checked the demos from the site, it should integrate with Limelight (it says so), but I saw that the action I need “exit intent” is activated only by clicking on the address bar (at least in the demo), usually a user doesn’t do this to exit.

mmm… But in the link of the reference articles (in the demo), it works well … I don’t know.

there is the stack Final Word from Doobox which does what you need - if the cursor leaves the window a modal pops up… but I don’t know if it is still posible to buy it - just ask @doobox
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Thanks, unfortunately I don’t see the Final Word stack in the Doobox store.
Maybe it’s no longer for sale.
Ciao, grazie per l’aiuto.

Hej, Call to Action does precisely what you want. You can even decide the distance from the address bar in a browser. It is not necessary to click the address bar to activate Call to Actions “exit to URL bar”

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Yes, what @Kent says. I’ve never added any of these features to Limelight because Call To Action already does it all and is a modular and complete solution.

Yes, this morning I saw Joe’s tutorials on “Cal to Action”. The stack is capable of doing all of this.
But honestly spending $ 39.95 seems excessive for what I have to do, one of these, what works for me is fine, limelight does not have to appear immediately (always per session):

  • a small launch delay in seconds of Limelight when reading the page, or
  • launch of Limelight when scrolling or when scrolling to another stack, or
  • I launch before closing the page or clicking on a link for the first time (but I don’t really like this and I take it into consideration only for the last case) I found some examples with code on the net but I’m not convinced, I prefer the first two above .

I see if I can do something via css and js written in the page … or if I find another easier stack to solve

Thanks everyone for the help. 👋