Site won't delete!

Im trying to understand why, after deleting a site off the server 2 pages still show up?
a gallery page and home page, while the others are unfound!
Im baffled. Ive cleared safari cache, memory …
Chilldog are host.

@barchard will be able to check I guess.

Thanx, I sent them a ticket


It’s more than likely due to NGINX Caching - It’s a new feature of Cpanel that is site caching - so changes don’t show up immediately. I ran into the same problem last week and just deactivated it, as I’m constantly changing and testing things on my site.


Hi, I think we’ve responded to your ticket. It may be the server cache. cPanel has a new feature to speed up user’s site. You can clear it via the control panel (or disable it completely)

I hope that helps.


Thanx Greg will do that

thanx, i ran around in circles for an hour thinking my site was hacked or something … you know how creative the mind can be.