Small Request For Stacks 4


When editing a markdown stack and clicking the link icon the following text is auto-added: [Linked Text](http://)

Is it possible to remove the space between 'Linked" and “Text”?

Doing so will make highlighting the text for editing far easier; just a few clicks of the mouse. With the space you have to click, drag and then replace.



I second Steve’s suggestion. Alternatively, you could place the underscore mark between “Linked” and “Text”. That would also require just one double-click to achieve the same result (highlight-and-replace).


On a related note, would also be nice if any highlighted text became the linked text when the link button is clicked :)


The details make the difference 😄

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Also, to save starting a new thread…

I’ve noticed now when launching RW that a little window pops up to tell me my stacks are loading.

It’s saying 1400 stacks loaded.

In my addons folder I have max 100 stacks files. Some contain multiple stacks, but there is no way I have 1400 stacks. So how does that work?

Did you also count the hidden and deprecated ones?

Where are they stored?

I just counted the stacks files in the stacks folder in addons.

I also have a folder called Stacks Disabled, but it’s empty.

They are inside the main stack folders/files.

Then ya, got them.

I think.

Even if some are missed, can’t be over a thousand!

I’m guessing, all the “child” stacks are included in that number…


That’s what I thought of.

Hmm, starting to be feasible with child stacks, but the number still seems high.

Been getting a similar message too of 93% of a thousand odd stacks loaded and it stops at that, filled a report to Isaiah. It’s also been seen by others on the RW forum.

It’s actually counting everything that gets installed (even if hidden) in the library. That includes stacks, child-stacks, images, partials, externals, templates. Framework stacks usually include a couple dozen stacks. Joe tweeted the other day about the number of stacks in his upcoming version of Foundation – I think it was getting close to 100. Other stacks like Jack.stack include dozens of images and patterns that can be used in other stacks – those appear in the library too – so they get counted.

Part of the reason for adding that number was to show folks how much they’ve installed into RW. A lot of people don’t really keep track and are surprised when I tell them they have a couple thousand things in the library.

I figure giving people the running count every time they startup will let them see how each change they make affects the number.


We’ve come a long way from the days of Stacks 2 when I used to tell people that more than 50 stacks was too many. 🙃

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I’ve been waiting for the multiple world record holder @wolf to tell us his current count :)

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What the f…, and I’m not even at 100% … ;-)


World record holder 🙈


Matthias - still the champ.


I have the same problem on one project. If I open another project it clears.