Something like Pluskit, but not Pluskit?

I’ve started to look at splitting pages up into sub-pages, that then get pulled together for publishing. Pluskit would be the perfect candidate, but it’s not the best with stacks pages. So what are my options, if any?

Portal maybe?? I don’t think that’s really what it’s for but I haven’t used it myself to know…

What is it? Never heard of it before?

I read ages ago about being able to pull pages into other pages using php?

Oh f**k… Just thought… Limelight!


Again, partials?

I did look at that, but it just ends up with too many additional partials pages, so have rules it out.

For instance…

I typically build pages consisting of three elements; Header, body and footer. Pretty standard. Header and footers are partials. So let’s take the home page. I need the main page: Home. Then the home body page: homebody. The the header and footer.

Now obviously, the header and footer page will be used for all pages, but over and above that. for every full page I need two pages: One with all three partials and one with just the body. So on a five page site I need…

  1. Home
  2. Home Body
  3. Page 2
  4. Page 2 Body
  5. Page 3
  6. Page 3 Body
  7. Page 4
  8. Page 4 Body
  9. Page 5
  10. Page 5 body
  11. Header
  12. Footer

That’s a lot of pages for a five page website!

For that approach to work there needs to be a way to apply the header, footer and body pages together in one, without having to actually create an additional page.

That lot make sense?

Yes, I remember it now.

How easy is it for Portal to get messed up by the server?

Is it a page speed thing? Page clutter thing? The only difference between Home and Home Body in your example above is just the header and footer (which you can minimize/hide) isn’t it?

Not sure, have never really used it in its current form. The old version never got messed up for me when I used that though, and this current version is an improved version, so I do not see why it would now.

Home would contain the header, body and footer partial. This the one users would see in the browser. Homebody would contain just the body partial. This would obviously need to be published, but no one would find it, as I’d block it from search engines.

Somewhere in the back of my head thids can be done using php include. But can’t work out how.

Yeah but the header and footer are covered in 11 and 12 (in your example). Once you hide those on the Home page, your left with the Home Body page (i.e. just the body contents). Just seems like a redundant/more bloated project file than it needs to be.

I think we’re saying the same thing? Splitting the pages over partials just means too many additional pages.

Anyway, for now, I’m over it. I now have to dive into SCA again and try to fathom out what on earth is going on with it!

You guys in the US are so lucky, so GDPR, no SCA, no other ill-thought out EU regulation. But then, you do have Trump, so I guess that’s fair ;-)

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the problem when you are not coding the page yourself is that the CSS and JS for the stacks that you use need to be imported as well. In addition, you are going to end up with the theme and other “required” stacks (Site Styles / Foundry / Customizer etc).

All this makes it non trivial and why stacks such as portal are complicated to make.

Remember also that to save yourself a tiny amount of time / complexity in edit mode, you are rebuilding the page server side every time it is viewed - do you really need to do this?

Dunno? Do I?

In Stacks 4 you no longer have to add a partial to a page to edit it. You can just double click it in the library. So no need to add dummy pages anymore.


Awesome. But big downside to turning everything into partials… No preview. Working on present partials has become a pita as you gave to keep coming out of thr partial, preview, then reopen it yo edit further further. Putting every thing in partials would slow workflow to a crawl.

Why too many? Aren’t you able to mark them as draft, so that they won’t publish?

I never really found a good way to work with many Partials and could never find what I wanted using the short txt description.

My solution was to create a draft page and add all my Partials to it, so that I would use the page to search visually down the page to find what I wanted.

You can yes. but as I thought this all thru, the whole thing was scuppered by the fact that you can’t preview edits made inside Partials without first closing out the Partial. This is already proving to be a total workflow killer for me, even with just headers etc. in Partials. If everything was in Partials… Well, it’s just not workable.