Source and magicgellan

From 2021:
" I have written a new version of Magicgellan that works with any theme or framework. Its not completely finished but if you send an email to the BWD support address with a subject line of OPM beta then I’ll get you a copy to play with in the next few weeks."

Has this been realized yet? Is it MagicGellan2?
(t still say in the documentation “Foundation only”)


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Basically, we are still waiting for the release of Stacks Pro.
From 3 weeks ago:


So can I ask, what is it that doesn’t work in the combination magicgellan2 and Source?
I have been trying this combination and it seem to work but that could be a dangerous assumption to make :-)

MagicGellan2 should work fine in Source as it has smooth scrolling using modern browser features. It was only the smooth scrolling to a marker that used the old Foundation5 code so as far as I know you should have no problems.