Source (and Shaking the Habitual stacks) in RW9

I’m getting more and more emails and messages about this so want to make my position clear…

Will Source / Shaking the Habitual stacks work in RW9?


Why not?

My stacks were designed and built to work inside of the Stacks plugin. Without Stacks there would be no Shaking the Habitual. If Stacks can’t be a part of RW9 then neither can my stacks. Letting my stacks bypass Stacks and function as elements would not sit right with me.

My intention is to act in as scrupulous a way as possible and to stand united with Isaiah and the other stack developers.

What should I do as a Source / Shaking the Habitual stacks user?

If you develop exclusively in the Stacks ecosystem then I would suggest that you stick with RW8. Stacks and all of your stacks (from all developers) will continue to work perfectly (and be fully supported and updated) for a long time to come.

Once Stacks app is realised by Isaiah then it would be well worth considering making a jump over to that. With a dedicated Stacks app we’ll be able to take our stack (and your web) development to the next level! (And, of course, you’ll be able to bring all of your stacks over with you!)

What about RapidWeaver 9?

Elements sounds like it will be a significant update. If you want to try out a new way of building your websites then be sure to give it a spin.

I hope you understand and support the stance that I (and many other developers) are taking in relation to this.

Shaking the Habitual


With you all 100%.
I’ll be interested to see what RW9 is about, but to me, I’m treating it as if it’s some brand new kid on the block, and whether it is worth me moving to them from RW8 and Stacks - or the new Stacks App.
It doe snot sit right with me either the way this is playing out.
RW is nothing without the Stacks environment.


Thanks for making your position crystal clear and for stating what every Stacks developer must be thinking.

The future for stacks users is very clear without any break in the roadmap. Keep using RW8 with Stacks to work on Stacks projects, and then switch over to Stacks App when it is ready, if you want.

The best thing of all is that we will be in the very capable hands of Isaiah to carry us forward.


Thanks for stating your position. I’ll be going where Source framework and stacks are supported.


I imagine this is the exact issue for RealMac. RW has become an engine for Stacks whilst the core RW product dates year after year. Many people don’t want to buy RW and then be told they should buy Stacks plugin and 3rd party stacks and frameworks on top. They want a sub-£100 product that is fit for purpose in 2022 in its own right.

I’m hopeful that a dedicated Stacks 5 App will be a big leap forward for those of us who want to use stacks, and that separately, RW will evolve to do what it needs to do. For me personally, I’m thinking Stacks 5 and frameworks for my more demanding clients and RW as a Blocs alternative for simple, elegant sites.

We’ll see…


Stuart, ditto for me as a user! I am not a developer but I have to say as a consumer, I wondered why I paid money for RW, until I installed Stacks. I will be very interested to see what the Stacks app delivers.


I fully support your decision @habitualshaker

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