Source freebies

Hi All,

Happy Christmas and all that.

In the new year I have got a load of Source goodies that I will be sending out in a series of emails. To be sure you get yours make sure that you have:

  • Downloaded Source (even just the free version!)
  • Opted in to our Mailing List (sign up again if unsure!)

If you have done both these things then here is a sneak peak of what will be coming your way:

  • Block Circle - a project file that uses only the free Source stacks!
  • Footer templates - a collection of example footers built using the Source grids
  • …and much more!!

Don’t miss out. Make sure you are set up to receive these in the new year!!

Have a great new year when it comes :)



Hi Stuart
I receive no confirmation mail after mail subscription on your site 😢

Hi @DomDemoulin - just checked and you are already on the mailing list. Only those that aren’t would receive a confirmation email.

Hoping to get the first of the freebie emails out at the weekend / next week.

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