Source manual and videos

Sorry, but it seems I have lost the way I get to the Source (Shaking the Habitual) manual and if there is videos.

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The support page for Source is here

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Thank You Mr. Neil :-)

Thanks @Neil

Yes - that is the place to go! It is still a work-in-progress and I will be adding much more to it soon, especially adding some more video content.

Anything you can’t find an answer to in the meantime just ask :)


I should add too that I have included quite a few Stacks 4 ‘templates’ in the downloads (superb addition to Stacks!). These are quite useful for learning about Source too. Along with the project files.


Ok Mr. Stuart :-) Thank You very much. I just started my holiday today, and I am looking forward to play around with “Source” in this holyday :-)

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Another noob question, but I just confused with all this “s-bright”, “img-fit-caption” and so.
Is it exist a full reference to all classes Source use?
Thank you!

hi @Astx

Some of the ‘effect’ type classes are available as standard when you use Source (via the Base stack). Details here:

A load more are available if you drag the Utility Classes stack on to the page:

I should say that you don’t need to use classes with Source - but they can be useful to extend styling options for certain things.

Hope that helps.