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Hi All -

Have put together another Source Plus project - this time showcasing my own Splider 2 stack. It contains 5 demo sliders (including an oft-requested version of Amazon’s image slider) and 4 tutorials that walk you through how to take Splider even further.

Source Plus project files

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@habitualshaker and @Jannis

Found at Source Plus | Academy | Shaking the Habitual

Any idea when this will be completed? And will this be a method for making blog posts via a markdown and/or text editor without having to go through RapidWeaver?


My plan is to make various demo projects using different third-party stacks. The ones from @Jannis are top of my list. In fact there already is a couple of Poster ones available - including the Source blog page which demonstrates how to use a combination of blog post sources (Stacks built posts along with markdown files held in a folder on the server).

Hope that helps.


Do you have a link?


It’s really just Stuart’s Blog Page…

and some examples. Quick Google search helped ;)


Yep - the Source blog uses some posts that have been created in RW and others that are pulled in from a remote folder. Poster combines these when it generates the blog. The ‘Source pages (Poster 2)’ Source Plus demo project shows this along with how i use Poster to generate the content on the Source updates page (again that is done with markdown files in a folder on my server).

This page is just a couple of months old. Is this the best tutorial?

in terms of integrating Poster with Source’s grids then yes - that is the best bet. other way is simply to dig into one of the Source/Poster demo project files to see how it has been set up. Any issues let me know.

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