Splider Pagination Below slide?

I thought there was a setting to put the pagination in Splider below the slide, not inside it at the bottom, so to speak. But I can’t see it. Is it there, and I just can’t see it?

I know you can move it by applying a height to the slide itself, but that presents issues with alignment when the content in text, that wraps.

If you apply bottom padding then the pagination will be positioned there.


EDIT: Unfortunutely the results were mixed. The slide content is text, a different number of characters in each slide. To stop the slides changing height I’ve added some height equalisation to the text stacks, and I think this is throwing things off. So I’ve just turned pagination off now

By default the slide with the most content should automatically set the height of the slider. Is that not what is happening?

No. I’ll get another look at it tomorrow or Monday and send you a link.