Splider2 tip - Link via a URL to a specific slide

Something that I had forgotton about is the facillity to jump (link via a URL) directly into a Splider slider specific slide.

Stuart reminded me there is a KB article about it at Splider url hash | Shaking the Habitual Knowledge Base with full details.

It could not be simpler really, and is a great way to link to a lot of information presented in a slider, such a FAQ.

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Oh, handy you posted this, I was just working with Splider and found that if you add an image slide, the border radius as set in the parent stack, isn’t applied.

Any ideas?

BTW- F3, if it helps.

As a test, try adding a big radius wide border in a colour you will see. This may allow you to see what is going on.

Slider slides are just containers so you may not always see what you expect. You may need to apply the border to the image slide itself.

Tried adding the the border radius to the image stack itself using a bit of css, but it’s adding to to the image containter, not the image.

Results are… Mixed!

Should add, much the same if I add a Stacks Slide child and put an image inside that.

What is that alarm ringing in the engine room?

Just use the radius setting:

That’s Splider 2 Im guessing. Slightly different in 1, but that’s the point… It doesn’t work. Rorder radius is applied to only some slides, and only some corners.

I’ve tried with custom css and a !important, but no better.

am not at my computer to check the issue out properly but if you enable the option in Splider for the images to use ‘cover mode’ then it should respect the border radius set for the slides (as the image is then effectively treated as a background image). If doing this though then you also need to specify a height for the slider (as the image itself is no longer used as content).

Yes Splider2. As good as the original Splider was, Splider2 added a gread deal more and there is nothing that Splider2 can’t do and is faster/lighter than anything else.

Ha ha! Good call. Fixed it. Thanks.