Srcerer parallax question

Hi Stuart,

Quick question… Is there any way I can get Srcerer to ‘lock’ an image so that the page scrolls past it? So like a parallax effect but where the page moves and the image doesn’t.
I can see there’s no checkbox option but wondered if there was some custom class or CSS that could make this work.


Hi Roger,

No, there’s no option to completely fix the image in Srcerer. That’s best done with background images and Srcerer works all its magic with regular images.

Sections Pro is generally my recommendation for fixing background images. It allows you to set up 2 images for different device sizes but generally that will be enough for a background image.

Hope this helps / answers your question?


Thanks Stuart. I’m currently using bg images in UIkit which is working fine. It doesn’t have the option to use different sizes like srcerer… No biggie.


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Hey Roger, the Image stack has options for different sizes, use the srcset option for this.

Also you can use the Sticky stack to lock a container and unlock it when scrolling to other containers. Take a look at the Sticky example at the Tests project.

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Hi @Lucas… Yeah, I realised that when I went back to look at the image stack. I hadn’t used srcset before so had forgotten about it! D’oh!
UIKit is so huge and so modular its taking me a while to realise just how brilliant it is. Every time I think I need a 3rd party stack to do something, I find there’s a way in UIKit!
I’ll take a look at sticky too.

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