Stack “Dividers” Upgrade

Scroll interactive stack

You can divide your contents with a vector line, with animation or static.
Style: Path colour and thickness, Responsive options, customizable Caption and more.


1 - Horizontal Dividers Options: Angular | Angular Top | Angular Bottom | Rounded | Rounded Top | Rounded Bottom | Rounded Small | Rounded Small Top | Rounded Small Bottom | Curl | Square | Inclined Square | Square Spiral | Double Curve | Double Corner | Circle | Line | Hide Ends : Rectangle | Rounded | Rounded Small | Chanfer | Chanfer Small | Rounded Inverted | Double Curve | Curl | Double Corner | Inner Corner

2 - Slice Dividers Options: Left - Vertical | Right - Vertical | Horizontal Long - Right | Horizontal Long - Left | Horizontal Short - Right | Horizontal Short - Left | Vertical Center (for 2 columns)

Vector animations: A collection of smooth vector animations applied to images. You can play with demos in the demo project to get inspired.
Edit mode Tools: A dashboard is available in Edit Mode with basic settings, the settings changes are reflected in the UI.

Demo project with customizable samples: In the DMG file we enclose also all examples online.



Instant purchase… thanks for all you do:)

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I wonder if it is possible to add the option “dotted” or “dashed” to the divider?
Thanks in advance.

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Good question Miguel
Unfortunately the dasharray CSS option doesn’t work with animated SVGs and hides the line extrusion and there are some browser compatibility issues.
I worked in HypePro via javascript ( thanks to Hans code) and it works, the line extrudes but it’s dashed!
I need to check compatibility, now it’s just a test.
If it passes the checks I will make an update, I will apply it only on the horizontal divider.

thanks for your suggestion!

2023-09-02 at 00.30.01


Thanks a lot for your support

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Miguel I did some tests and it seems to work, next update :)


Excellent news!
Thank you, Michelangelo :-)


New UPG 1.0.1 Available:

  • New Option: Customizable dash line for horizontal lines
  • New Sample in demo project


BTW: This stack is the perfect companion to PATH and BORDERS , DEMO ONLINE

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