Stack "HypeTitles" upgrade

Hy guys

I’m happy to present the first MultiThemes stack. As many know MultiThemes develops themes but my great passion for HypePro has allowed me to create new content for RW like Lux and Hype Themes.
This is the same animation of HYPE theme but available in a stack ( with some minor differences)

stack_hypetitles__preview_25 Demo online

The HypePro based Stacks is the next generation of packages with original contents for RapidWeaver. All animations are designed exclusively for Stacks. This stack allows you to set 16 animations. take a look.

stack_hypetitles__preview_colalge_2 Some examples (demo project availabe with the stack)

I must thank to some great guys like my friend @willwood, also Tommy/DeFliGra and @Marten for the help. this is a great community! A great thanks also to Jonathan Deutsch and the hype community, I have many friends!

Here a coupon for all RW4All guys, over 20%off (for a limited time)


Great work, Michelangelo, there’s some really cool animations there!



@Marten thanks, I worked a lot for this project but the major merit is HyperPro and I’m working on new stuff also. Now I’m focused on this stack, ( my first stack) and the improvements.

thanks again!


yes, a cool stack worth the money. Good job concerning the UI. Everything very clear and easy to use.


Thanks @wolf.ademeit
yes the UI in edit mode is useful, I had fun doing it and I tried to be minimal (in order to save memory In edit mode) I made it responsive but I would like to improve it on small monitors.

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This looks amazing. Pretty fun dragging around the sliders on the demo pages. Surprising how fast and responsive these animations are. I didn’t even know some of that stuff was possible in a web browser!

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For the use of custom fonts, it would be useful to be able to set the font thickness. Otherwise you always load the normal version.
In any case, a stack that succeeded very well …

@wolf.ademeit thanks for the feedback!
There are some possible implementations for text customization; I’ll look at this.

…but now my concern is that the stack works well!

thnaks again

@isaiah thanks!
The slider is the most appreciate part of the Stack! I had a lot of fun to do that :)

Thank to your “Preview” option Stacks allows me to add further tools also in preview. The Grid and the sliders helps you a lot to build the title correctly.

%%[[if preview]]%%
something special
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Michelangelo 😃, it’s just fantastic what you’ve done with HypeTitles stack.

I have to digest first and then take the time to imagine what’s possible to do with this stack.

Thank you so much. Keep up with the good work. Best Regards, Juerg from 🇨🇭

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Oooh very nice :-) Need me a new banner :-)

FYI the style 1-16 buttons all link to the same page "#16.


@MrTim thanks!

not sure to understand, in all pages you can find 16 links but this is a demo toolbar for preview only and you can test all styles without refreshing the page.

Ah ok I see. I though if I click style 3 I’d see the third example.

Looks great though :-)

@MrTim maybe it’s my fault! I didn’t specify the difference between custom examples (from 1 to 25) in the demo site and the 16 templates of the stack. Sorry :)

Hi Michelangelo

I want to buy your nice stack :-)
But the check out system uses PAypal and wants me to create a PayPal account.
I don’t want that…
What can I do?

They want you to, but you should be able to ignore the “log in” button and the ‘create an account’ option and just fill in your credit card info

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@DomDemoulin thanks!

I know thath paypal offer an option to pay “as a guest”. So, you don’t need to provide more info.

Thx @jabostick for your help.
Those blue fields : Create a PayPal account need to be filled in.
If I leave them blank, it does not work.

New UPG 1.0.1 Available:

  • New option to Add Background image: Warehouse image or draggable from RW resources or from your disk; Options: Fit, Fill, repeat X,Y, XY, no repeat.
  • New option to add Dots grid over the background, 10 styles.
  • New toolbar to explore animations, without refreshing the preview.
  • Fixed issue of the Stack panel in edit mode in Stacks4beta.

Now you can load a background image and also enrich the layout with a dots grid in 10 styles (example).
I improved the preview option with a small toolbar to run all animations without refresh the preview! this is unusual in RW but possible through HypePro!

I’m making a priority list and I thank everyone for your valuable advice. I will also examine the compatibility with other stacks or themes that manage external fonts or libraries. I remain focused on the proper functioning of the animations because it is the core of the stack and must work well!
thank you all


@Multithemes Please advise if I am a numbskull but there does not appear to be any difference between the original stack and the latest version in terms of being able to use a warehoused image for a background ??!