Stack "ImageUP" upgrade

Hello folks! here a New stack “ImageUp” with HypePro under the hood.

imageup_preview_STORE_000 Demo online
Highlight important details with ImageUP! In ImageUP you can customize pretty much everything else within the animated items, including font, borders, shading colors, and more. You can customize the viewport trigger indipendently for all animations, BG scale, Fade-in and so on. take a look.
Some examples
(demo project availabe with the stack)

And the “PREVIEW TOOLS” for checking the stack setting, viewports and safety area for titles.

…and also some projects for all RW frameworks

thanks to everyone!


Great Job! Looks really nice.

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@Multithemes Can these effects also be triggered on hover, so when the mouse hovers over the image?

just add a link to the stack, visit this page , do you mean something different?

Thanks, but I mean that all these nice effects which are applied to the images by the stack should NOT display when the images COME INTO VIEW but when you HOVER over an image.

thanks for the suggestion; now if you turn off all the animations on viewport you can activate only those of the hover but are different sets.

New UPG 1.0.1 Available:

  • Titles: New range for Letter Spacing
  • Fixed issue in CSS syntax
  • New Project for Multilingual site with RWML stack by @willwood


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New UPG 1.0.2 Available:



New UPG 1.0.3 Available:
New option: Outline for the title with customizable thickness.


New UPG 1.0.4 Available:

  • Changed range for vertical shift for titles.
  • inproved performances, Updated animation core (HypePro) with new ID
  • 2 New Examples in demo project



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New UPG 1.0.5 Available:

  • Updated HypePro animation core to latest version
  • Consolidated JS files
  • 2 New Samples in demo project




Thanks for sending the updates out to previously registered versions, the emails for updates have been trickling in the last couple of weeks and I’ve been downloading them as they have been coming in, but with it being a one way process receiving the updates I thought I would just say Thank You on here, so that you know people are receiving them and greatly appreciating them, your Hype stacks are fantastic.


@Tophat Thanks, I really appreciate your words!

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New UPG 1.0.6 Available:

  • Optimized User Interface in “Edit mode”
  • Optimized CSS code
  • Increased loading speed in “Preview mode” & “Edit mode”
  • 2 New Samples in demo project


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