Stacks 4 Sans Serial Number

Installed and paid for Stacks 4, but never received a serial number. Contacted YourHead, but no answer as of yet. On the presumption that the number will show up…eventually, how do I reinstall Stacks 3 in the interim without creating an unholy mess?

Have you tried here to find your serial number: ?

Otherwise, you can re-install any stacks version from here:

That was the first thing that I tried. But it’s not there either.

Otherwise, you can re-install any stacks version from here:

Thanks for the info.

Hey @isaiah, sorry to bug you as I know you have been pretty sick. But I see that you are posting on Twitter, as recently as today, so I know that you are alive and kicking.

So here’s the problem which will take just a moment of your time to resolve but is driving me kind of crazy. Downloaded, installed and paid for the upgrade to Stacks 4, but did not receive a serial number. Nor was there any indication of one on your serial number lookup page. I duly reported the issue to YourHead support as well as to Paypal. Additionally, I tweeted both you and Christi with the same message.

The order number is 1234623187. It was placed yesterday morning. If you would be kind enough to send me a serial number at the email address associated with that account, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.