Starter pack

If you haven’t already done so, drop over to Weavers Space and pick up a copy of Joe’s ‘Starter Pack’. It’s a collection of layout, forms, button, text, audio, video, embedding and grouping stacks that is intended to complement and extend Stacks’ basic selection. And it’s free.

It’s an amazing contribution by Joe to the Stacks community, and a great boon for beginners (but there is useful stuff for everyone — for instance, Source doesn’t include forms stacks). A big shout out to him for this!


These are a nice collection of stacks. I was mainly interested in the video stack, but unfortunately it does not offer warehouse linking for the poster image. Maybe Joe could update it to work with warehousing? Yeah, I know, it’s free so I should not complain.


The F6 version of the stack does support warehouse. However, I wanted to make this starter pack as easy to use a possible for newer users. Therefore, this stack uses drag and drop.

The F6 version will work in any theme though.

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Thanks for clarifying that Joe. I do have F6, but normally would be hesitant to use any F6 stacks in a different theme or framework, for fear it would break something. I do appreciate that the F6 video stack is fully warehouse ready! Will most other F6 stacks work outside the F6 framework? I am mostly just curious, since I doubt I would use anything else besides Foundation 6 to build a site.

A lot of F6 stacks (even swatches) will work in any theme. The Columns, Buttons, Components and Navigation stacks will only work inside Foundation. All others should be OK. Since you have F6, you probably seem how many of the stacks from the Starter Pack resemble F6 stacks. The F6 versions have more features though. All of the F6 counterparts of the Starter Pack stacks should work in any theme.