Strange characters again


I just uploaded a version of my Poster 1 blog.
Something similar happened in the past and it was a problem with php.

In this case the blog was fine before I re-uploaded, and the French side is stil fine.

You have to disable in your PHP settings that PHP warnings are displayed on the screen. Contact your hosting provider for these changes.

Thank you Jannis

You can do it yourself too


The hotline from my service provider suggested reverting to a previous site version. Instead, I opted for Joe’s code, which successfully resolved the issue. The problem arose after I modified a partial on my blog’s pages, specifically the promo at the bottom. Originally consisting of three Poster Light items, the issue occurred when I added a fourth item. Could the problem be related to having a Poster Light item inside a Poster 1 page?

Thanks Joe, it solved the problem!

No. Poster Light does not use PHP.

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