Stripe enabled "cart" that send confimation emails?

I need a cart solution that connects to Stripe and sends a confirmation customisable email to the buyer and the seller upon successful payment.

My usual go-to solution for small scale online retail is Cart2 by @yuzoolthemes but that doesn’t send emails.

An alternative solution is to have Stripe send a confirmation email upon successful payment which details the item purchased, but that doesn’t seem to be an option. Unless anyone knows otherwise?


Thanks @steveb - Cart 2 has an option to send out some email confirmations since version 2.5.0:


That said, check your Stripe settings for email receipts and confirmations:


That’s brill, thanks. Will look into the Cart2 emails.

Looked at Stripe, but don’t think you can have an email sent to the account holder (me), only the customer. But will dig a bit deeper.

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I’ve found this box…


I’m yet to test, but I need to be able to include sku code(s) for the item(s) purchased into the subject of this email.


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I’m running a test page with Cart 2 and email set to send, but it’s not working. Will it work in test mode?

  • Yes should work in test mode. If uses the server to send (PHP mailer) so might be worth trying other emails / checking the spam
  • Is this on a local test or real server?
  • Stripe should have account notifications also for payments…
  • the SKU goes in the body already, but don’t think it will possible for the subject unless you edit the Stack? Edit the sendcart.php and change the Subject line if that helps?

Hi, got the Stripe emails sorted, but can’t get Cart2 to send, or even attempt to send email. Checked the server logs, nothing there. From what we can tell it’s just not even trying ;-)

Other PHp mail is sending fine, all emails addresses are correct etc. Have had to go with an alternative for now as couldn’t get email to work.

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