Suggestions for monitor for my Mac Mini

My 2017 iMac is a bit sluggish since Big Sur and I want to permanently move to my 2018 Mac Mini that’s suped up and much faster. I’m not going to be working in the office for at least another year so I may as well sell the former and keep it simple.

The monitor I have at the moment is 21.5 inches and the colours are not great - it was bought to be used mostly for business stuff and not web design.

The options here in Indonesia are limited but there’s a few guys who import and sell online (at eye-popping high margins) but the secondhand value of my iMac is actually pretty high. Indonesians will pay almost new prices for something a few years old. So it balances itself out.

After a few searches I’ve found the following to be the most recommended:

Dell Ultrasharp (no thunderbolt but does have USB-C)
The range of LG curved monitors ranging from 32 inch to 49 inch (never used a curved screen so not sure)
Also the LG Ultrafine

These vary from 4k to 5k in models.

Any suggestions?

I like this one: Samsung U32R592CWU

Thanks Jannis but it appears to have no USD-C port

Oh sorry, no it doesn’t. I am going from USB-C to HDMI / Display Port without issue.

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I use an old now discontinued LG curved monitor.
It does have great split screen feature that I probably haven’t taken full advantage of ;-)

But after using the ultrawide monitor, I would probably go back to a two monitor system. If you have the room that could be another alternative.

There’s an updated version of that LG that has USB-C that’s not too expensive here. Thanks for the tip. I definitely don’t have room for 2 monitors though.