System to teach online

Hello, I have a client who wants to give Yoga classes live online since his students are not allowed to come to the classroom…
Is there - or what is the best way to do this at very low cost or better for free to class contains around 25 participants and takes around one hour…

Zoom - up to 40 minutes for more than 1-1, Free -

Zoom have lifted all limits for the duration of the corona virus crisis

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Thanks, hadn’t seen that. Signed up last week and tested it out, excellent system.

Ok Thx, I think there is to much traffic at the moment - the system is overloaded…I try again in the morning…

@Avzw Just go to the link DaveFox provided. Seems quick to get to main Zoom page. The other link from @tav is very slow right now. Get a free account. Zoom works quite well but navigating it with several people can be a trick. In your client’s case it should be very simple: ask everyone who joins to “mute” their video. This will quickly overload things. That way only 1 video is playing: the yoga teacher. I suppose it would be alright to let everyone use their audio, but even in that case it’s best to “mute” off/on the audio so it’s only on when actually speaking. Again, this could easily become a bandwidth issue.

We use Zoom at my university and it’s been great. We all use the Pro version that has several nice features. One potentially useful feature is the teacher can record the session then post to YouTube or Vimeo later.

I suspect the pressure on Zoom will become unsustainable soon. My wife is a doctor and she has been in over 4 hours of Zoom meetings today already. The whole of the National Health Service is relying on either Zoom or Skype. Like Netflix I presume they will have to limit bandwidth / usage for non essential users.