Tabs stack for Source

Can anyone recommend a tabs stack that works well with the source framework?

I’ve only got a couple in my collection but both work really well. The Simple Tabs one can create really nice looking ones and the Tab 2 one is a bit more functional and (nicely) switches to an accordion on mobile.

Simple Tabs (1LD):

Tab 2 (Doobox):

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They both look good. I think I’ll go with Tab 2 for now.
Thanks :)

S4S Switcher which is a tab and accordion combined stack that I have used many times, is the one I would reach for first.

See and checkout the Switch Tab demo under the title - Switcher & TintStack

Very impressive stack.


Thanks. I’ll take a look. :)

And of course BWD Limelight, can create great tab layouts -


Lots of great options. WOW!