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@tav Does anyone know if everything is OK with Andrew at BWD. I have recently sent a couple of support messages but not had a reply. This is most unlike him as he he normally responds in a timely fashion. Here’s hoping he’s OK.
Richard Bailey

Hi Richard,
I replied to your support ticket on the same day (Tues 24th) and it says it was delivered on my system. Perhaps it went into your spam? (I hadn’t got the previous message that you referred to though).

Hey, Andrew (@tav) So glad to hear that you’re alright! I had the same worry as Richard, since I sent you a support message on 8th of October and only got an automatic reply (Ticket #: 2330), but no word from you…

The big takeaway from all of this is that happily you’re alive, well and kicking

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It seems that @Pixelart had got my reply but I’ve re-sent the one to you Rob @fapkogi

@Nick Thank you for your concern over my presumed demise, I’m sure many people will be less thrilled :)


Hey, Andrew, I just got your support email, I followed it and all is working fine now. Big thank you (and a small donation) on its way! 👍 😘

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I had presumed your demise, but for no particular reason.