The 5 most popular threads on RW4ALL

Isn’t it interesting that the 5 most replied to threads on this forum, are not about RW or Stacks. The most replied to is about Elementor (WordPress) by a long way and the next 2 are about Blocs!

The Elementor thread is also the most viewed thread if you discount Marten’s “Clip path generator” thread with has no replies.

Good to know that free speech doesn’t get shut down and threads get removed or locked.

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Shut up :)


In these new times with nothing going on, all we can talk about is the old stuff from past. You can talk anyway. Post something duck related and you light up. You should be banned for such off focus digressions.

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More ducks. And dogs.

Did someone say dogs?

Ollie, after I cut his fur.

That was the first pass at grooming him, still a bit rough in that pic, but after another few attempts I was more than happy with the results.

A visit to the groomer is about £40 per dog, so with three it was getting a bit nuts. I’d often thought to just buy some proper dog clippers and give it a go but never got around to it, lockdown forced my hand.

I practiced on the other two first, cus really, I don’t much care about those two (They both hate me, do fuck me), so by the time I got to the wee man I was practiced. It’s actually pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

I’m giving up web design and doing dog grooming.

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Hardly a hair out of place there. Great job.

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A little bit rough around the eyebrows and the chin I’d say … 🤪🤣

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R & R for Ollie after a hard week making stacks.


R&R? Ya, he’s killing it.

His present, and most common, position when I’m at my desk!

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