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Well, thanks. Performance value differs a bit each time I check though. And I don’t see jQuery enabled when I check Page Speed results.

Look in Reduce unused JavaScript where you will see a file called all.js

Not sure I understand exactly how all these metrics are calculated - but I’ll take it.


Since speed has just as much if not more to do with the hosting provider/servers. Who is using what? Thanks in advance!

You could not be more wrong here. Your server doesn’t matter (unless you use a free or dirt cheap shoddy service).

The tools choices you make and how you build your site, are what counts.

Servers today are reliably, way beyond what we need to deliver fast enough speed of delivery to our mobile or desktop devices. It is the slowest delivery that you need to focus on, that requires to building of fast sites. For almost every case, Pagespeed can and will ignore the server speed.

PageSpeed / Lighthouse downloads your web page and analyses the downloaded content, and provides useful guidance on how to improve your score. It isn’t ultimately about the speed of download, it is about highlighting what you can do to improve.

Lighthouse also uses real world data from Chrome users and will report on slow servers as far as I can recall.

That real world data is displayed as “Core Web Vitals Assessment”. E.g. the site shows this for Desktop because there is enough real Chrome data, but doesn’t show it for Mobile.

Pagespeed’s use, in the context of this thread, is to highlight what tools we need to use to build the fastest sites. Choose right and Go Fast.

As has been born out in this thread, you either use Stacks+Source or Blocs5.

If you have a slow horse, the best rider cannot win the race 🏇