The Stacks 5 Plug-In

Today YourHead is proud to announce the Stacks 5 Plug-In.



This release includes major new features like Smart Library Groups; New and improved user interfaces like the Page Statistics window and the new Stacks Menu; And tons of new menu commands, improved library preferences, a whole new set of keyboard shortcuts, and loads more customization options to help you get more out of Stacks than ever before.

For New Users and Pros

It’s never easy to build features that are useful to the entire range of users. But Stacks has always been focused on bringing professional capabilities to everyone. So whether you’re a pro that just wants to get things done more efficiently with your keyboard skills, or a novice user that needs a few Stacks menu hints, Stacks 5 has new features built just for you.

S5 to the Core

This introduces the Stacks5 Core™ engine that also be upcoming YourHead products allowing you to copy & paste, drag & drop, and more between any app or plug-in with the S5 Core™.

Want to learn more?

We’ve made a few videos to introduce the major features. We know you have things to do, so they’re short without rushing through things.

Feature! Feature! Read all about it!

We can’t list everything, but this is a pretty good start.
Here are a few of the new features we’ve added

New Productivity Features

  • New Stacks Menu to give you easy access to many editing tasks.
  • New key-bindings for easily editing, moving, and selecting stacks.
  • Option-Arrow-Up/Down to move a stack – or many stacks – around on the page.
  • New command-keys that for making partials that work on single stacks or multiple stacks, even when scattered around the layout.

New Library Features

  • Two new “compact” modes for the Stacks Library allow you to see even more stacks in the Stacks Library pane. (This also meant some serious behind the scenes performance improvements for displaying dozens or even hundreds of unique icons while still scrolling smoothly!)
  • New Smart-Groups to save a preferred group of stacks and partials.
  • Lots of smart-group features to help you narrow down your search to only types of stacks or search only specific stack properties.
  • And the much requested feature: drag and drop stack-groups to rearrange them.

New Page Statistics

  • A brand new way to see how many of each type of stack you’re using in each layout.
  • And since it can be hard to find a deeply nested stack in a very complex layout, just click on any time in the Page Statistics window and stacks will jump to that item and select it for you.

New Stacks Preferences

  • Adjust Stacks Library Searches to work globally or just per group.
  • Quickly see where your Stacks Image Backup folder is located and open it in the Finder.
  • Now when you select a stack, Stacks will jump to it.
  • New preferences let you enable, and tweak scroll-to-selection feature to work just the way you want.
  • After years of teasing you can finally enable double-click-to-hide or double-click-to-lock.


A big thank you to Realmac for providing me with crash reports this summer – and everyone that submitted one. I think you’ll find this version of Stacks is one of the most stable versions in many many years.
We would never ask you to pay for bug fixes, though. So you won’t find these changes in the feature list either. All of these crash fixes and other stability improvements are being back-ported to Stacks 4 FOR FREE and should be ready by the end of the week.

Details details details

Costs: Stacks 5 is a paid upgrade.

  • $29.95 for Stacks 4 users (you will need a valid Stacks 4 registration code).
  • $49.95 for new users or users upgrading from earlier versions of Stacks.

Compatible: The Stacks 5 Plug-In works in RapidWeaver Classic or RapidWeaver 8.
Requires: The Stacks 5 Plug-In still works all the way back to macOS 10.12 Sierra. But you will need macOS 11 Big Sur to use the Page Stats window.
It is, of course, fully compatible with macOS Ventura.
Recommended: Using the latest macOS and RapidWeaver is always recommended.


This post has been up for a day now, and no comments yet? What a fantastic upgrade Isaiah! So many new features, it will take a while to check them all out. Instant buy!


what about Stacks 5 app? Is it always on schedule?

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Hej Isiah When I try to download the update, I unpack the zip file, and instead of the usual stacks plugin file with a nice graphics, I get a folder named Stacks.rapidweaverplugin. Clicking on it opens it and shows a folder called “Contents”. I do not know how to install such a folder in RW.

This is the version I have installed in RWC Version 5.0.0b12 (6242) the new version is 6244?

Kind Regards

Hi, you may have several objects with this name. Check if you see Stacks.rapidweaverplugin1 or such, then rename it to just Stacks.rapidweaverplugin without anything behind it…


Yes amazingly, that did it :-) Thank you Fuelleman


Just me then! Cannot get Discord to work, seems to be for kids! The invite link says page not found. Anyways!! My iMac is 12 years old and wont update anymore so I guess Stacks5 is out for me? 2nd question - what is StacksPro? I only run one or two websites of my own so wont need anything superfancy, but I understand I can ditch RW with StacksPro, or is it the Stacks5 app? Confused.

@Jnorris235 Hi, i just installed Stacks 5 on my 14 years old mac: works fine under High Sierra.

Did a time ago the dosdude1 patch thing to get HS on this machine.

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