The state of RapidWeaver Elements

Hey (rw4)all,

With the recent talk about the State of StacksPro, we thought it would be good to share some news about how we’re getting on with RapidWeaver Elements…

The big news is that we’re now doing weekly RapidWeaver Element dev diary videos in public (previously they were only for Club Element Members). Starting today, you can follow along and give us feedback as we work our way towards launch!

We’ve also made the previous 5 months of videos available in a YouTube playlist, well worth picking through them as there’s a lot of new, truly mind-blowing features.

You can read the official announcement and watch this weeks video over on the RapidWeaver Community:

Apologies for the slightly promotional tone of this post, but we are so excited about the future of RapidWeaver and didn’t want miss the opportunity to share the news!

Happy Weaving!


I understand that pluggin’ of your product is sometimes necessary, but, as you stated yourself, we were talking about StacksPro and not RW Elements. How does Elements relate to StacksPro?

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Isn’t Elements a competitor to Stacks “Pro”?

That’s the only thing they have in common.

It’s an interesting situation… this site is called RW(rapidweaver) 4 all and Realmac (the developers of RW) are posting about a rapidweaver product. Perhaps the owner of this site should consider changing the name to stackspro4all, this way realmac can stay away.

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I now know more about Elements than I do about stackspro.

It would be good to see both dogs before betting on the race!


Perhaps. This is, indeed, forum for all. But citing the discussion about StacksPro as an occasion to promote Elements (direct competitor) is just wrong from the ethical point of view. OK, my bad. I forgot that ethics is not the subject makers of Elements are very familiar with…


I’ve said what I had to say. I am not going to continue this pointless exchange.

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I don’t know what happened between the developers, so I can’t comment on the ethics of either party.

What I can comment is that through the videos/blogs, Elements looks promising and I will purchase it when it becomes available. Now that realmac has shown it’s cards, and started trolling :) it would be great if Stacks “Pro” start doing the same. I have alot of money and time invested in RW+stacks and would like both apps to succeed.

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If you’re currently using Stacks plugin then you know more about Stacks Pro than about Elements 😉 😂

I know about stacks running on rapidweaver.

I know practically nothing about stackspro as stand alone software and that’s only because I am on this forum.
Folk can get all sniffy about RW but casual users of RW will very likely buy whatever is ‘integrated’ into RW especially if it is released first.


It’s true, there is a paucity of info on Stacks Pro! I begin to wonder even if it comes, how will it continue if just one person is behind it, and how long will it last?
I know it’s a hell of an undertaking to put a complex app together … but a little trust in us as the community and communication would go a long way


We have no power over the past, and we have no power over people’s ethics. The future of StacksPro and Elements is also beyond our reach. So why all the pointless sniping every time Realmac makes a post?

We all know the backstory — and Tav, Jannis, and I have already made ourselves very clear about this constant wailing at the wall — so if you haven’t got anything constructive to say then move on to another topic. Or instead of moaning about Dan’s posts, why not ask him questions about Elements? Or whinge on his forum? In the meantime, we’ll continue being a forum for all, which also includes Isaiah, Joe, Adam, Dan, and any other developer who so wishes.

It’s also worth remembering that there are numerous professional web designers on this forum and elsewhere in the community, who will always use the best available tools when designing and future-proofing websites for clients.

I think this topic has now run its meandering course to nowhere, so let’s consider it locked for the ‘greater good’.