The state of StacksPro

Like many others, I’ve closely followed StacksPro’s development. A recent setback in the form of illness has significantly impacted the development schedule. What’s more concerning, though perhaps not surprising, is the limited involvement of third-party developers offering support during Isaiah’s absence.

While some individuals have contributed in their own channels, StacksPro was envisioned as a community thriving across multiple channels. Unfortunately, this hasn’t materialized. I share this with the hope that someone in the third-party supply chain reads this and might step up to help, prioritizing community benefit over self-promotion.

Indeed, this would be beneficial for Stacks users, but I think it would have to involve Isaiah’s consent and/or cooperation.

Support for what exactly? Over which channels?

Go look at Discord, the official community.

If you speak about the issues during payment, licenses, etc, no one else than Isaiah is able to help.

Paste of my reply there…

As Bill eloquently stated, it would be nice to know what you feel is missing. I am not sure that we need another community right now. We have the following…

This Discord from YourHead
Weaver’s Space
Elixir Forums

I know that Discord is not for everyone. This was an interesting experiment. However, I do think that a different official solution may come after the Stacks Pro launch. However, I cannot speak for Isaiah, so take my opinion with a grain of salt. I think that it’s more important for Stacks Pro to come rather than spending time and money setting up and maintaining a new forum.

Weaver’s Space is a lot more than just a community for my products. There are 10 other developers that have spaces there. There are also a lot of great discussions about more than just product support. It’s a pretty nice community.

I know that you are a part of RW4All since you copy/pasted your post there as well. There are several developers that are involved on that forum as well.

While 3rd party developers cannot help with sales related support, I don’t know of a single instance that someone has not been able to get help for any technical related issue.

No matter where or who hosts a community, there has to be some promotion. A good community takes both time and money to maintain. The only way to keep a good thing going is to make money. Promoting products is not the only way to do this but it is one of more direct methods.


Sure, but he rarely seems to be present on Discord. A client of mine tried to buy the update from Stacks 4 to 5, but also had issues with the payment (like others). I posted about this on Discord 5 days ago, but Isaiah doesn’t seem to read the posts there (if at all then sporadically). So what can my client do to get that update? If Discord is the official support forum for YourHead, which doesn’t Isaiah answer the questions there in a timely manner?

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