Thoughts on a CRM/ERP solution

I am close to finishing an ecommerce store and my client now requires a CRM/ERP solution to handle sales, stock and a some other unique functions.
I’ve zero experience in this area and wondered if anyone here has any thoughts or recommendations. He’s talking about MS Dynamics although I see that there are many similar cloud apps out there.
Secondly, once we have a preferred solution, he will need to commission someone to put it all together. The budget is in place for this - any recommendations or offers? (The data is currently held in an Excel spreadsheet.)

Typical of a client to add on the requirement of a CRM / ERP solution after completeing the eCommerce web part of it.

These can be very complex systems that require input from many sources, need to scale, add new services, etc., but without knowing any detail, I would say use as much off the shelf stuff as possible.

From a web design point of view, that would be a Wordpress site built with ElementorPro using one of the many CRM or ERP plugins. You could even build a demo site to demonstrate a live system in a day or so, to help the client to define exactly what they want.

I recetly went through this for an Estate Agent site and the effort required to create a WP site using ElementorPro was less effort that building a similar basic RW site. What the WP Estate Agent CRM free plugin brought to the solution, was everything you could imagine and much more. Low cost feed plugins are available for every other system and adding more features and scaling the system is easy.

I can’t suggest anyone for the second part, other than you may find the complete solution in WP and you will be amazed at ElementorPro.