Three columns of text with a download, in a box - how to recreate using Platform or 3rd party stack?

How can I do something similar to the Drum Transcription box either in Platform or using a 3rd party stack?
I’ve been trying but not getting very far…

Any table stack will do it. A good one designed for this very thing though is Paperless by @willwood

Of course, a Table…
Thank you - Platform has a Table stack, so I am trying it now.

With this amount of items, you might want to explore the Table (CSV) stack :-)

I did wonder if the Table (CSV) stack would be the way to go for the extra stuff in the box.
I don’t really know where to start though, or indeed what a CSV file is.
Do I need to import a CSV file to get the results as in my above link?

CSV=Comma Separated Values

You can create a spreadsheet like Excel and export it as CSV. For everything that follows: read the documentation, download the example project and get it to work on your host. Then start modifying.

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Thank you, Juergen, I downloaded and checked out the example. Modifying the CSV/text document in resources seems pretty straightforward.

Although, I seem to have achieved most of what I wanted to using the normal table stack. I put it inside a one column stack, which is inside a 3 column stack (middle column). Then played around with settings - the border is the one column stack. Then added the title and content stack at the top of the one column stack.

Would it be possible to add custom colors for the link text in an update? Also, it would be great if the link could show an underline when clicked, if that’s possible too. Another thing that occurred to me is that when adding another row to the table, would it be possible to add it at any position in the table, eg so the blue ‘+’ button wasn’t only at the bottom. That way it would be quicker to retain alphabetical order without nudging the row up or down row by row.
No worries if not - this is still great and I’m really glad to be using Platform - it’s easy to learn and your support is superb.

(still a beginner at this so any constructive criticisms/suggestions gratefully received).

Hi Tim,

the Table stack allows you to drag any table row/column to a different position after you created it ;-)

Hi Juergen, yes, I’m aware of that - I was just wondering if it be possible to modify the stack so that a row/column could be created in the position you wanted it - to save dragging in a long list. But no worries if not :-)