Thumbnail size

How do I adjust the thumbnail size in Gallery 3 stack. Using foundation gris and baguette lightbox. Thanks!

‘Thumbnail height’ in your chosen grid controls works

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Dimension? Bytes? Height? There are many sizes…

Hi @harold

I’m looking at it now, but Grid: Foundation doesn’t have a direct height or width setting for the thumbnails. You set a size using ‘Img Columns’. You set the number of thumbnails columns to display in small, medium and large & it resizes the images for you. Have fun.


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Thanks so much for your Rapid response.

Looking at this with RW in front of me, I think you will get the effect you want by using Grid: Justified and setting an image margin of 5-10 pixels and then using an even number of images?

I like tighter margins and these thumbs are sized at 150 pixels with 1 pixel margin and I have not justified the last row. I have tested and tested and prefer the Chocolat Lightbox for its response on smaller phones:

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Thanks again. I was able to do it with Foundation and Baguette.