Triggering a specific Limelight from another page

Is it possible to trigger specific Limelights on a different page? That is, on my client’s homepage, I have a series of buttons that lead to a services page. All buttons currently simply point to the services page.

On the Services page, I have six services that open in Sections Pro containers using a Limelight bar. Is it possible to link the homepage buttons directly to the corresponding services on the services page? So, if the Commercial button is clicked, when the visitor lands on the Services page the Commercial Section Pro will be open?

The homepage can be found here:

Yes, using a url

If you got the latest update yesterday/ today (1.1.0) then the syntax is shown in edit mode if you turn on the “Show trigger classes” checkbox


It’s always been possible but suddenly everyone is asking about it so I put it in there as a reference


Thank you, Andrew- you’re a genius! It works perfectly (of course it does).