Tutorials For CSS Classes

Are there any tutorials “out there” that discuss how
#1) to use the “CSS Classes” text box in the stack settings
How is this text box used?

#2) to identify a specific stack’s class name in RapidWeaver?
There are some stacks that don’t have options, like a font size for example that I would like to be able to change. I can write a bit of CSS for some things because I was able to find the “element” in the Web Inspector. However, there are many times, I find a “class name” and I can’t apply any obvious attributes to it. It would be nice to learn more about modifying the CSS attributes for a specific class name.

Thanks for any help with this.

Have you tried these options to get the info you need:


I’m really getting value out of Hoverify.

@bret - I have used a similar tool to Hoverify called CSS Scan that also provides some CSS information about elements on a page. However, I can’t seem to use the information to change some stack CSS properties.

@Anon - I tried those two tools, but for the ID I get some “oriental” looking characters, instead of actual English text.

Is there information out there that describes how this CSS Classes: text box can be used?
Screen Shot 2021-02-20 at 12.23.08 AM




Johathan Head at Nimblehost made one of the best series of RW CSS videos that I can recall. Some are almost 10 years old but there is a lot of value in some of these video. RW hasn’t change much in that time so these are still valid.

This is a good basic starter:

This one is about how to identify and target what you want to change:

There are more at http://rapidweaver.pro


@habitualshaker Thanks so much! Now it’s time to play with some sample pages!

@Webdeersign I just listened to the YouTube video. That is also what I needed to know. Thanks so much for pointing me here.

What You Tube video?

Oops…looks like it was a Vimeo one as noted above

Thank you - got it!

The second Video I posted above is a YouTube video which I believe if the one that IdahoSAM referred to - https://youtu.be/Vqq23T-gzGY