Twitter embed - sorted - just used the Twitter supplied code

What are folks using at the moment?
Doo Box seems to have stopped working
Weaver themes plugin isn’t bringing in photos


AFAIK Twitter has change enough stuff so that existing stacks that use a Twitter or other feed, don’t work anymore. We have seen this with several of these services and Google Maps was a good example. Ther eis no knowing what changes will be made in teh future so I avoid them.

Also I think they have no place on a commercial website. Social Media should be used to generate links to a website and you want visitors to do the thing you want them to do, while on theh site. Having an attractive Social Media feed can take them away to other competing sites.

The problem for me with this presupposition is that if they don’t do what you want them to, the model collapses. I would be happy for visitors to look and engage with the Social Media feeds, if visitors go on the follow the business, it mean the website has done its job, and created interaction by the visitor. This will lead to further website visits - are websites and the likes of FB not symbiotic to some degree?

Yes but there isn’t a one fits all here. If you are driving new customers to a site to buy something, then having a Social feed wall of interesting stuff could postpone or kill that opportunity.

Clients do love Social feeds though.

However, if you find a Twitter feed stack that works today, it may not work tomorrow.

I used a twitter supplied embed link in the end, which should last longer than RW.

If a stackmaker is no longer supporting their product (and there is no chance of an upgrade), and if it’s not encoded (which quite a few now are, but most older stacks aren’t), it’s quite possible to hack the stack so that it works. Especially if the only thing that has changed is the way the stack is interacting with a changed API.

Or just use the current embed link from Twitter.

Or just use the current embed link from Twitter. Yes! ;-)