Typeface Query

Wondering what typeface you guys are using for the subject headline. It’s really clear, and a pleasure to read. As is the whole page. Very nice.

If you mean this one,


it appears to be “Work Sans”.

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You are right. You get the prize.


Interesting. Montserrat and Work Sans are very similar. But check out the squiggle on the Q. Looks to me like Work Sans.

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Fontface Ninja is a great browser extension which will identify fonts on a webpage. It’s free and available for Safari, Chrome, Firefox and possibly others.

So… Fontface Ninja says it’s Work Sans.


@Thang: The plot thickens.

Fontface Ninja told you it was Work Sans? Fontface Ninja told me it was Source Sans. Again, another very similar font.


The “body” font is Source Sans Pro, but the “headings” font is Work Sans.


I am now way smarter than before, so thanks very much for the input.

Thanks @Neil for sorting that.

If you want to find out such things without guessing, without having other sites guess for you or without consulting others, use this:

It’s indispensable for me.

OK, all you font maniacs, here’s a challenge for you. For the very longest time, I tried to find out what the font was on this website, without any success:
I found it beautifully conservative and charmingly hip, both at the same time
Now, with your recommendations of Fontface Ninja and Whatfont, I am told it is Playfair Display. Which is really close, but no cigar. The original website version is more contrasty, more elegant. And they’re using it for body copy as well. Besides, it’s hard to imagine a fancy schmancy NY agency using a free font.

So I am wondering if any of you fanatics has a clue. I would be eternally grateful :)


That is an image and so you cannot determine the font used by any technical means.

The text on the page is playfair display.

You don’t need any plugins to discover what fonts are used. Just right click on any text an read it off from the inspector.


Did you try to use google chrome web inspector tools?

OK, the text is Playfair Display. I got it. Wondering, though, how they might have arrived at their logo, which is more delicate, more stylized.

Well, the logo is an image. It’s still possible they created that image logo with another font, or rearranged the characters in a vector application.

Yes, they could have manipulated the logo in Illustrator, but if it’s another font, I would love to find out what is. I did post the image a while back on WhatTheFont, but got no replies.

Anyway, thanks, everybody, for all your feedback.

Why not just write to them an ask?

I did, in fact, write to them. They never answered.

But as we speak, just found this one. It’s VERY close. And VERY nice. Acta Display.

Looks like it is Moderator JNL by Jeff Levine.

I work in printing and when designing for clients they will sometimes (well, a lot of times) bring in a sample of something that someone else printed and want to match fonts.

The website I use all the time is WhatTheFont.com It works with images of fonts and is usually pretty accurate with matches. If not, there is also a user forum that is also a wealth of knowledge on fonts.

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