Uikit 3 form not woking with PHP8

Hi @Lucas, The form in UIkit3 is not compatible with PHP8. Have you any plans to update it?

I appreciate the new version of Ukit is most likely compatible, but with about 20 client sites on UIkit3, it’s not a simple upgrade process for me.

Hi Steve, which version of UIkit you’re running your sites? UIkit is compatible with php 8 since version 3.5.0 back in December '22: https://www.uikit.archetypon.net/documentation/changelog/

3.5 was the big paid for upgrade, wasn’t it? I’m still on 3.4.4. I haven’t opted for the upgrade yet. With so many live sites running it, I need to do the upgrade at a time when I know I have the time to go back thru all the live sites and make any changes. That’s going to be a few months yet.