UIKit devlopment

I’m shopping for a new Framework and heard a lot of good things about UIkit. I haven’t seen a post in here in a while and the Weaver Kingdom domain doesn’t go anywhere anymore, but the actual UIkit website is still up, so I’m wondering if UIkit is still being developed and supported?

I can’t say anything about UIkit, because I never tried that framework. But I can say I am enthusiastic about the Source framework and about its developer Stuart.

Why don’t you take a test drive and decide for yourself. Source is free.


I’m test driving Source right now. I’m used to Foundry so I have to put my head in a different space when using Source, but yes I do like it and l’m leaning toward making it my daily driver if I can get comfortable with CSS Grid, the light is slowly starting to come on in my head…lol

…and yes Stuart is awesome!

I don’t know if UIkit is still developed. But you find Lucas’ stuff here: https://archetypon.net (he changed the domain name back to his first one).


UIKit is very much under active development and well. In fact, @Lucas will be announcing some exciting new things very soon! 😉


That’s great to hear, I think I’m going to give it a go.


Let me know if you need any help or have any questions using UIKit.


@ajenks sure UIkit is supported and under active development.

Thanks @Ricardo 😀


Lucas Tsolakian who develops the Uikit framework to work with Rapidweaver reverted the name of his website to Archetypon. https://archetypon.net
You will find the Uikit stacks etc there. I use it for all of the websites I create in Rapidweaver and find it easy and intuitive to use.

The Gallery of websites displayed there is testament to the quality and abilities of Uikit.