Uikit Navbar - how to adjust size of type

Is it possible to adjust size of the type in menu items in the Uikit Navbar? Perhaps there is something in the ‘Customiser’ I am overlooking.

It’s in the Navbar settings…

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Thank you for this, I should have pointed out that though I have Uikit 3, this is an old site which I made a few years ago with Uikit 2. The navbar settings are not quite as detailed as those of Uikit 3. Oddly, the drop down menu type is a larger more satisfactory size. I wonder if you have any knowledge of the Uikit 2 navbar.

Hi, I don’t have Uikit2, so not sure how or if it’s possible ni settings, but this css should work, just change the font size to suit.

.uk-navbar-nav>li>a {
       font-size: 16px !important;
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Ahhh…CSS of course! One day I will learn. Many thanks TemplateRepo for your help, it does the trick.
Best wishes

Not a bother.

If you make the fonts really large, like about 18px or above, it might be worth adding this line to the css…

line-height: 45px !important;

Adjust the value to suit, so that the meni items vertically align in the menu bar.

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A useful tip. I thank you wholeheartedly.