[UIkit] Update 3.20

I’m updating UIkit stacks to version 3.20 today with new features, improvements and some fixes. Some of the changes require you guys to take a look before uploading / updating your pages:

  • Form: all required fields now being validated, so take a look at your settings. Also now there’s a generic error message that you may customize.
  • Navbar: new disable parent links option, some will find this interesting.
  • Sticky: there’re new options for active / inactive classes and a fix for a margin-bottom introduced in previous versions.

Check all changes here: https://uikitstacks.com/documentation/changelog/



Excellent! Thanks @Lucas. Some useful stuff in there…

Great work!

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Nice update Lucas. It removes the need for quite a bit of custom css, so making things a bit easier.

Particularly like the active/inactive setting in Sticky. Any chance of expanding that a bit and adding a trigger stack which can be placed anywhere on the page, opposed to have the sticking to the top of the page trigger the change of state?