UIKit visited link colours

I’m building a website with rapid weaver and uikit. Can’t figure out how to stop links changing colour after I’ve visited them.

For example I have a privacy policy link at the bottom of the page, it’s grey and then white when hovered over. After the page has been visited the link is always white.

Does anyone know how to make it always stay grey unless hovered over?

I’m having the same problem with the off canvas menu on mobile too.


I’ll test and let you know. Meanwhile is the privacy policy a 3rd party stack or the built-in RapidWeaver Privacy?

Hi Lucas, thanks. It’s just a link to another page on the website. I’ll send you a link to the site if you want?

That’s just a link to an external page right? So any link would work. I’ll let you know asap.

Odd I cannot reproduce this one, just tested on my iPhone visiting https://uikitstacks.com/

In that site I’m using the Off-canvas and the mobile navigation is a Nav stack. The Nav stack is set to custom colour, so you could try that particular setting on the Nav too, maybe this could solve your issues. Otherwise tell me step by step a way to reproduce here.

Hi Lucas, that’s weird. It’s probably something I’ve set up wrong. Just tested it on chrome and having the same issue.

Yep I see the issue on the Off-canvas. Try the custom colour setting in the Nav stack, maybe could solve the issue.

Ah thanks, that’s sorted it. Looks much better now. Have you got any idea what’s going on with those links at the bottom of the page? I can’t seem to find any setting for visited links colour anywhere. Thanks for the help.

Think I’ve fixed it now, changed them to custom colours too, thanks

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