UIkit3 Demo Project: Nearly Ready For Launch: Last minute requests?


My demo project for UIkit3 for RapidWeaver is almost complete, so before I launch it I’d like to see if there are any last minute requests for content.

I have put an enormous amount of time to this demo. It uses ONLY the native UIkit3 stacks plus a few default Stacks 3 stacks. If you have UIkit3-4RW & Stacks everything in this project will work for you.

The purpose of this demo is to help those just getting started with UIkit to work out how to get the best from it, in terms of the modular nature of the native stacks and the use of custom classes. The individual pages could be used as the basis for an entire project, or you can pull the various elements out of the demo to drop into your own UIkit3 powered projects.

So, if there is anything you’d like included in the first release, say so here.


Oke, @steveb that made me even more curious about UIkit3 and resulted in a purchase…
Lets try UIkit3 and your demo project.
Thanks for your effort on the demo, when will it be available?

Hopefully next week.

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Good work Steve and a nice addition to UIkit.

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I’ve updated the demo project with a launch date, advertised on the temp demo site using (of course) a native UIkit stack!


Worth mentioning that isn’t the eventual home for the demo project, it’s just my dev server, I’ll be moving it to a new home at launch.

I plan to have a 50% off launch code, valid for the first week, so if you want it, keep your eyes open here.


Christ Steve!!
I didn’t even get around to testing Platform yet and now on my minimalistic budget, you make me feel that I NEED to purchase UIkit!
Was that really necessary?


Without waning to appear to gush, uikit is the framework every RW user should have. Its the only option that compliments RW and allows it to work at speeds we all got used to before complex stacks came along.

After using uikit everything else feels antiquated and incomplete.


Hello Who is making the UIkit3?

Kind Regards


@Lucas from Weaver’s Kingdom makes it.

I got it recently to replace Foundation. It’s the best framework for RW so far, IMHO.

https://uikitstacks.com and https://www.weaverskingdom.com

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Very nice!

Very nice Steve.

UIkit3 is definitely the best framework for RW, hands down! A real must have.

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Ok thank you. Will check it out. Sounds good though :-)