Unable to Login to old Pulse Site

Hello all,

I’ve encountered an issue with an old Pulse site that I manage. Out of the blue, the owner’s login credentials stopped working, and the administrator login isn’t functional either. When I try to reset the password, the system doesn’t send any reset email, nor does it indicate any other kind of response, other than generating a PHP error.

I’ve inspected the site files and identified a config.php that contains login-related information. Additionally, there’s a JSON file with similar details. I’ve noticed that the passwords are “salted” in these files.

Can anyone guide me on how to generate a new salted password and update it in these files? I’m wondering if this might enable me to regain access to the site. If not, are there any other recommended steps I should take?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards, Kent

I don’t know, but you could try https://bcrypt-generator.com/

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Maybe the Pulse forum might be able to make a few suggestions?

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