Update Download link not working?

Hi @Lucas, the cartloom download link for the update that you sent this morning is not working for me. I’ve tried a few times but the main UIkit download fails after a few seconds every time.

Any ideas?

Do you mean the lookup link? This should work: https://archetypon.cartloom.com/lookup

No, not the lookup. That works fine. It’s the link the lookup sends. It starts then immediately fails with ‘network error’ … Could be the browser… I’ll try Safari

It got a bit further with Safari then stalled. I was using Brave, my normal browser of choice before but that stalled immediately.

The KB/sec figure gets smaller and smaller then stops… weird?

Screenshot 2020-01-31 at 12.28.16

Some nice updates in there Lucas, thanks.

Roger, worked Ok for me, so maybe keep trying?

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I will… Still stuck on 83.7MB though :-( .

I’ll try again tomorrow