Update to macOS Big Sur

I’m afraid to upgrade to macOS Big Sur, I have RW 8.7 and my thoughts are for the stacks you use on sites, e.g. stacks of inStacks Software, of STACKS4STACKS, of DOOBOX, of shakingthehabitual, of Big White Duck, of NickCatesDesign …
Has anyone had any problems?

Most probably stacks (addons) won’t make a problem.

For Stacks (plugin):

I was going to hold off updating for a while yet but for some reason I just did it last night. I have had zero issues with any applications (so far anyway). Really liking Big Sur.


👍 grazie

Grazie 👍

I’ll wait a bit.

I updated to Big Sur… very impressed on my iMac2017 !
The update went forward without a hitch an everything is much zippier !

Haven’t found any issues with Big Sur (RW 8.7, Stacks 4.1 — and lots of them!) All the other apps I regularly use have been updated, too (Affinity suite, Glyphs, Ulysses, Agenda, OmniFocus, Airmail). For a major upgrade which apparently had its share of problems, it’s been delightfully unproblematic.

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I tested the waters with my MacBook first and had no issues, so I upgraded my main system, a 2020 iMac. I have yet to encounter any real issues. Smooth, and really snappy for me.

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I have 1 issue. I still play Warcraft (last version) from Blizzard.
The game, or rather the mouse is much slower. Making it difficult to play
For the rest it works perfectly; andd I like it ;-)
Have a nice day

I’m almost convinced to update, but I wait a bit.

Updated, everything’s OK for now. Unfortunately, I do not like the interface very much. I don’t understand why, but it reminds me and it looks like a Windows system now.

I will happily agree. Catalina was a lot of issues, but after a thorough backup (cloned disk with SuperDuper), I did the update which I need for dev work and everything is sweet and running well. RW has, unusually, been free of issues.