Update Uikit 3.2.4 to 3.2.7

Bonjour Lucas,
Thanks for your last mail today.
But why can’t we update directly in Rapidweaver 8?
So, how to do? I have version 3.2.4 and I would like to go to the last 3.2.7 …


Hello @ubik,

I believe that the latest version of the UIKit3 Stacks is v3.2.5, right @Lucas?

To update from within Rapidweaver, click on the update button (see image below) located at the bottom of the Stacks Library.



This one has to be downloaded, also updated the Tests project that comes in the package.

Get the link here: http://archetypon.cartloom.com/lookup


Thanks @Lucas

Good evening Lucas, I had already done it before and again now by your lookup link but after installation I am still with version 3.2.4. And I even have a problem (see picture)

That’s an odd one. Try to uninstall the older version of UIkit, restart RW then install the new version.

I’m also releasing a new version later today (via auto-update) fixing a bug in Headings that was introduced in version 3.2.7, so maybe your issue get fixed by then.


Thought I was going mad there for a while! :-)

While you’re working on the header stack, one thing I don’t get, is “small” makes the header bigger, compared to default. Feels odd. I do get the logic, but it’s not perhaps the most intuitive, or practical, as there are times when you need to sue an H2, but want it smaller.

So, maybe have “default” as the medium size, then everything scales from it? So X-small and small make it smaller, large to 3xl make it bigger?

Or, just go to percentages: 80 smaller by 20% (roughly), 120 bigger by 20% (roughly)?

Just uploaded version 3.2.8 via auto-update.

On Headings: I get those from the framework, I’m afraid I cannot change that, but I could add options to the customiser targeting the sizes.

That would be a great solution.

I always try to stick to correct H tag hierarchy, but often it’s just not possible as you have to sometimes be governed by header size. So having an on the fly ability to change the size of the header without messing with the hierarchy is ideal.

Hi Thierry,

I’ve released the update today, did you got it and got your version installed ok?
This is version 3.2.8 we are talking about.

Hello Lucas,

I deleted the UIKit 3.2.4 stacks, quit Rapidweaver 8, install an old version 3.1.1 and update 3.2.8. And miracle! Yes it works! Thanks Lucas.

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