Using my own button for Shopify

Hello, I sell POD books from my site, and I have Buy buttons provided by Shopify in HTML.
I would like these buttons to match the ones that are already on my site.
I would like to know if that would be possible to use my own buttons with the code provided by Shopify?

You mean you have a RW site?
Can’t you just use the link to the shopify product (copy from address bar) and use your own button?

Thank you, yes I have a RW site and here is a link to the shop.
The green button is made from html code that was generated by the Shopify site.
Do you think I could find a link in that code that would trigger the Buy action with another button?

The Shopify button is not a link, it is a load of html code running inside an iFrame.

Why not style the green button inside the Shopify configuration to match the rest of your blue buttons?


Style those blue buttons to match the green button.

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Yes I’ll try to change the Shopify button.
When I made them sometime ago, I thought I couldn’t change the color, but it seems I was wrong.
Thanks for the reply!