Very mixed results with social tags

I am reviewing all my sites for Social Media tag performance and I’m getting some very mixed results.

In particular, sites built in Source and Foundation 6 seem to have an issue displaying a social card on LinkedIn but work fine with Twitter and Facebook - although there are some exceptions so it is highly unlikely to be either of these fine products - rather something to do with my approach.

In all cases, text is being picked up but not always the images. It has occurred to me that maybe images need a URL and, where some images are ‘embedded’ in a stack (and not in resources) maybe this is the issue?

Oddly, most of my older sites using a traditional theme appear to be OK.

I’m investigating this more but would appreciate any insight others may have.

How are you generating your social cards?

Do you have an example url that we could test?

Mostly very passively - just ticking the box and letting RW do the work. However, if the ‘feature image’ or text needs changing I do some manually within RW. What I find odd is when Facebook happily works with a tag but LinkedIn doesn’t - they both use OpenGraff. I’m aware LinkedIn has a few image requirements - notably rather large ‘minimum dimensions’ but even if the image is smaller it should display as a thumbnail.

I have a lot less than I did earlier!

In several of my Source sites I have used image within in a Source Container + stack and these are effectively background images with no URL. Hence I will do these manually and see what happens.

I am also thinking that images that are ‘embedded’ in a stack rather than warehoused or linked from Resources probably don’t have a URL - I shall ‘inspect the elements’ and take look at the tag code this evening and see if my theory is correct.

Whatever’s left I shall share the URL but I may have answered my own question!

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I’d second the shameless plug for SEO Helper. Makes life a lot easier.