Wall Stack extra space at bottom

HI There,

Just bought and fired up the wall stack. Added a FB feed to my page and all is working great. However there’s tons of space under the last post (I selected 6). Any idea how I can get rid of all the extra blank space?
Using UIKit framework.

Edit: Facebook has now stopped working. Even on the test page. Also, just noticed that has massive space under it too… eek.


To fix the “Empty blank space” put this in the css

#wall {
min-height: 0px;

For some reason it is set to a crazy min-height…

As for “not working” make sure you don’t have any “ad blockers” on your browser - feeds like this won’t work with ad blockers

Thanks @Raimo, that worked perfectly! I was previewing in RW so no ad blockers… however it seems to be working again now so all good.